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Participate into e-learning activities available through the EACIC platform and learn the best on New Advances in Psychiatry. These programmes offer the possibility to access latest scientific findings and share expert opinion. Each programme has been CME accredited to ensure the highest possible value of your education.

E-learning programmes available through this platform

There are currently no E-learning programmes available through this platform

Former CME Accredited e-learning programmes


  • Functioning and quality of life as long-term treatment goal in schizophrenia (chaired by D. Naber)
  • The natural history of alcohol dependence – importance of early and continuous intervention (Chaired by J. Sinclair)
  • Deepen your understanding of alcohol dependence (Presentation: Wim van den Brink and Steve Brinksman, moderated by Simon Graham)


  • Impact of maintenance treatment on the natural illness progression in schizophrenia


  • The past, present and future treatment of patients with schizophrenia - how far have we come?
  • A new chapter in the history of depression
  • Effective long term treatment of schizophrenia: are we there yet?
  • Understanding the complex interactions in GAD: from laboratory to the clinic