2001-2008: The EACIC is a global player in promoting CME activities in CNS in Europe

Between 2001 and 2008, the same procedures were used for several large congresses that included the WCBP Congresses (World Congress of Biological Psychiatry), the ECNP Congresses, the WCPG Congresses (World Congress on Psychiatric Genetics), as well as other associations congresses in the field.
A country survey on CME systems in Europe, carried out by the EACIC in ten European countries, showed that a high percentage of respondents in all countries felt that a common European system of quality control for CME in CNS was needed (the range is between 76% and 86% according the different countries). There is also a low percentage of people aware of the system (33.3% for CME and 17.4% for CME specific to CNS disorders), implying that not only is a quality control system needed, but also a system of publicising the existence of the CME for CNS disorders is also needed. Information on the project and EACIC was disseminated in various scientific journals, newsletters and a web site.

A number of highly regarded CNS experts throughout Europe assess the scientific meetings programmes and enduring materials and help to ensure that all CME activities are validated.