2008-Present: The EACIC contributes significantly to developing CME in CNS throughout Europe and elsewhere

The EACIC has been involved in the accreditation of many different kinds of scientific events (international congresses, satellite symposia and educational programmes) and of enduring material (reading materials,e-learnings and webinars etc.). Using a standard feedback procedure, the opinions of doctors and allied professionals’ have been analysed for all accredited events by EACIC.
The following criteria are analysed for each event or enduring material: the scientific standard, the educational standard, the relevance to clinical practice, the ability to change clinical practice, and the overall excellence of the activity. For major congresses, the procedure has been facilitated by the use of electronic evaluation forms available on the EACIC website. Evaluation reports are then sent to the organisers.

A number of highly regarded CNS experts  assess the scientific meetings programmes and enduring materials. For years, Professor M. Bourin (France), Professor E. Griez (The Netherlands), Professor Y. Lecrubier ✝ (France), Professor D.Marazziti (Italy), Professor H.J. Möller (Germany), Professor S. Ögren (Sweden), Professor M. Pandolfo (Belgium), Professor S. Stahl (USA), Professor M. Trimble (UK), Doctor Isabelle Massat (Belgium), Doctor Luc Staner (France) and Professor Stephan Claes (Belgium) helped and accompanied the EACIC to validate all CME activities.

A fruitful collaboration with the ECNP 

The fruitful collaboration between the ECNP and the EACIC  has led to the accreditation of every annual European College of Neuropsychopharmacology congress since 2000. The accreditation of these congresses by the EACIC has emphasised the growing importance of CME accreditation for European delegates. Every year, at ECNP congresses, a significant number of online electronic evaluation forms are completed, allowing for an objective and independent assessment of the quality of the scientific events, and hence contributing to improving their scientific standards. The ECNP has recognized this factor, and seeks the accreditation for its annual congresses, as well as promoting the European accreditation for scientific programmes and of the satellite symposia organised during ECNP congresses.