The EACIC was created to meet the need for CME accreditation in CNS

The EACIC was set up within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Project (EUR/99/2091/1111b/ FBC, January 2000 – May 2000) from the European Commission funding programme, and in close collaboration with the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology. The ECNP and the creation of the EACIC can be considered a major achievement of the Leonardo project.  Following the EACIC’s creation, consumer surveys were conducted at two major international CNS events: the 22nd CINP congress (Brussels, July 9-13, 2000) and the 13th ECNP congress (Munich, September 9-13, 2000). More than 5000 participants were present at each of these congresses. The scientific programmes of these congresses were evaluated and approved by the EACIC. Specific feedback forms were produced and distributed during the two events. Monitoring and evaluations were based on the responses on the feedback forms.