The Eunethydis

The primary focus of the International EUNETHYDIS Conference is on ADHD and associated conditions, across the life course.

The ultimate objective of EUNETHYDIS work is always focused on improving the lives of those with ADHD and of those around them. In order to do this, the organisation needs to conduct basic scientific work to help better understand the nature of ADHD and its causes in order to stimulate therapeutic innovation and hopefully, in the longer term, develop ways to base diagnosis and treatment on a strong theoretical foundation. From a clinical perspective EUNETHYDIS needs to not only develop our understanding of what works and for whom but also to roll this evidence out into day to day clinical practice. This conference encourages the exchange of ideas and data to further our collaboration between scientists and clinicians; in order to improve the care of patients with ADHD and their families.


Eunethydis Conference on ADHD